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Insights that matter

Stay ahead of the game with insights relevant to your consumers, retailers, competitors and much more...

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Bespoke insights.

Custom reports.

Tailored actions.

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Eliminate the guesswork and build justified actions from the consumers that matter. 

We work with brands to gain qualitative and quantitative insights directly from targeted audiences. 

Whether it's product, consumer, competitor or retailer insights, we ask the questions that really matter and deliver insights with tangible outputs.



  • 31 years old

  • Lives in London

  • Shops at Boots and Tesco

  • Currently uses own label

  • Typically uses this product daily

  • Goes to the gym 3 times a week

  • Mother to 2 children

Plus thousands of other data points

Get to know your consumers

We all know it's important to know your brands consumers but we've taken this to the next level. We provide specific data behind each and every consumer of your brand enabling you to build a complete picture.

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Add weight to retailer listings

Whether you're launching NPD or increasing the distribution of an existing brand, our custom insights and retailer-specific data helps leverage listing propositions to gain valuable space on-shelf. We have a proven track record of assisting brands to secure national listings with major national retailers.

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Whether it's a new or existing brand, understanding the product efficacy provides key insight into how to position a brand.

Consumers want brands they know they can trust and endorsement from like-minded shoppers.


Gaining qualitative insights from a target audience is a prerequisite for any brand prior to launch. 

We place products in targeted consumers hands pre-launch to gain a true understanding of what really matters.


Consumer habits and requirements change at a rapid rate so ensuring products are relevant is a continuous measurement for brands.

Understand your consumer demographics, behaviours, geographics and much more. 




Consumers experience a variety of factors when using a product, from cognitive, sensory and affective to behavioral. 

By developing a bespoke process that focuses on individual consumer experiences, we learn about the full consumer journey.


It's easy to get caught up in all the great things happening for your brand that you can miss what the consumers perception actually is.

Whether it's brand identification, interpretation or simply what it is that's important to the consumer vs. the competition, we capture the facts that matter. 


Does your brand deliver fully against your consumers needs? More often than not, brands miss out on additional consumer needs which can be achieved with minor amends or increased communication around messaging.



Retailers expect brands to know their target audience and how that relates to their shoppers but with our tailored campaign configuration, we help brands demonstrate what shoppers specific to that retailer think about the brand and its competitive set.


Gaining valuable on-shelf space with retailers is becoming increasingly difficult, with the reduction of ranges and category simplification, demonstrating tangible differentiation or category additive data is essential. We have a proven record of helping brands secure listings with the major retailers.


In the ideal world, your brand would be available with all relevant retailers, however, that is easier said than achieved. Let your brands consumers advise you where they are most likely to purchase your brand so you can allocate the correct resource accordingly and maximise efficiencies.

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