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Drive sales, trial and uplift with targeted couponing


Drive new consumers in-store with meaningful and relevant promotions. 

Including coupons with samples is a great way to convert trialists into paying consumers.


By combining couponing with our intelligent sampling solution, it means the consumers receiving coupons have already been profile qualified, increasing redemption rates.

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Reach consumers online via multiple platforms dependent on your promotional goals.

Using our custom-developed digital couponing system, we enable brands to reach their consumers at the moment of truth. Whether you're looking to drive sales via your preferred online retailers or directly from your website, we have a solution to meet most brands needs.

Tailored solutions

Ensuring a unique experience for consumers as well as brands is important to us when building any campaign. This is why we tailor each campaign to meet the specific needs of the consumer and brand.

By building each campaign so specifically, redemption rates and impressions are maximised.

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